Superhuman weight-loss protocol

Superhuman meal plan works wonders for me, and I consider it a great weight-loss diet as well, but if you want to try it, I think that you should start slowly, especially if you’re currently sugar-burner, or even worse, junk-burner.

What you will find below is my humble suggestion for effortless long- term weight-loss based on my personal experience. I designed this weight-loss protocol to be very easy to follow and more importantly, to stick with it because there are no sudden changes in your current diet needed. I believe that sudden changes only put the body in a fight-or-flight mode and since they’re not sustainable, people eventually come back to their regular diet.

So if you decide to give it a try, please, start easy, follow the suggested phases and as you see that it’s working for you, make another step forward. I don’t know what you currently eat and frankly, it’s not even that important because this protocol should not make your diet worse, only better. So it doesn’t matter if you’re starting with junk food or if you already eat pretty healthy meals.

Phase One

Postpone your first meal of the day for one hour. That’s it! Did you expect more? Sorry, no calories counting, no vegan salad. Eat whatever you’ve eaten so far; just make your first bite one hour later. Stick with this phase for a week. If you feel good, great, you’re ready for Phase Two, if not, give it another week.

By postponing your first meal of the day for one hour, you are slowly preparing your body to the prolonged fasting state. Don’t freak out; you are already in a fasted mode when you wake up in the morning.

Depending on when was your last meal the day before, it can be around 8 hours without meal and lo and behold; you have survived! This simple fact should make you quite comfortable, and it should also act as a proof, that you don’t need to eat every 2 to 3 hours. You don’t eat when you sleep, and you’re just fine.

Phase Two

Let’s see what you eat as your first meal. I don’t care if you call it breakfast, brunch, snack or lunch, just identify the first thing you put in your mouth after you wake up. Is there any sugar? Fruit juice? Sweetened coffee or tea? Great, get rid of it! Come on! You can make it without juice, have water instead, sparkling water is fine too, have coffee or tea, but unsweetened. You’re doing great. Stick with it for a week. If you’re fine after a week, move to Phase Three, if not, give it another week.

Phase Three

Let’s postpone your first meal for another hour. The goal here is to have at least 12 hours between your last meal before you go to sleep and the first meal after you wake up. I say meal, but any kind of beverage count as well unless it’s plain or sparkling unsweetened water, coffee or tea. Here, you can have a different starting point. Some of you might eat your last meal at 5 p.m., others at 8 p.m. It doesn’t matter, you count the number of hours without eating or drinking calorie-dense beverages like milk, tea with honey, coffee with cream or cappuccino. Do you already have 12 meal-free hours? Great! Add another one and wait a week. Do you have less? Ok, add one more hour, wait a week, and another hour and wait another week. Keep going adding meal-free hours until you get 13 hours without a meal. Once you achieve this goal without any problems, you’re ready for Phase Four. Remember that 13 hours might sound frightening at first, but if you sleep for eight hours and you stop eating 2 hours before going to bed, it’s only 3 hours without meal after you wake up. This should be doable without any problems, and you might even enjoy it.

Phase Four

This phase is about going bulletproof. When it’s time to have your first meal of the day, break the fast with Bulletproof coffee and then eat your meal. Coffee is preferable for other benefits, but if you simply hate it, try to blend your fats in tea instead. At first, start with a small cup and add only half the teaspoon of ghee and blend it, no MCT oil yet. This amount should cause no digestive problems at all. If you’re good, keep at this for a week. Again if everything is fine after one week, you can move to the next phase, if not, stick with this regime for another week. This beverage should be quite satiating so don’t be shocked if you don’t feel hungry when it comes to your meal.

Try to get rid of any junk food from your diet, sugary sodas, baked goods, processed foods, cookies. If this means that you won’t be eating anything at all, get some meat and veggies and eat as much as you want. The goal of this phase is to get rid of slow poisons and start eating real food. Meat or fish and veggies is probably the safest bet for most of us. If you have meat or fish, have eggs instead, but I suggest you have some kind of animal protein. Stick with this regimen for another week.

Phase Five

A big cup of coffee or tea, a whole teaspoon of ghee, still no MCT oil yet. Keep at it for a week.

Phase Six

By now, you should be quite fine with your compressed eating window, and since you regularly start your day with liquid fats, you should feel satiated and never hungry. Give it a week, then move to the next phase.

Phase Seven

You are ready to go fully bulletproof so get your coffee, add the whole tablespoon of ghee and half the teaspoon of MCT oil or better yet Brain Octane Oil. If you feel like it, add some cinnamon and cocoa powder, blend and enjoy. You should be totally fine without any toilet accidents. Also, try to compress your daily eating into two meals if possible. Stick with real food, avoid anything that comes with nutrition facts label. Fresh meat or fish, eggs, even dairy products if you can tolerate it and if you’re fine with what I wrote about the caveats of milk and cheese. Any veggies are fine in this phase, but try to move from starchy ones to green leaves and cruciferous vegetables. Add some nuts and seed for micronutrients. Stick with this diet for another week.

Phase Eight

Congratulations! You have successfully eased into the nutrition state where you can try the Superhuman meal plan which you can find in my book.

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