Getting In Shape Diary: Day 6

First training after weekend, BCAA and Nano8


Today, I had around 3.700 kcals again because I had some tuna steak with salmon.

Protein intake

Same as yesterday, not sure exactly, but it should be around 150 grams of protein for today.

Intermittent fasting

First meal of the day at 11:00. Bulletproof coffee at 11:30. Second meal at 13:00. Third meal at 17:30.


My current weight:

Day 6 morning weight

It seems like I gained some weight, but actually, I’m just getting back to the original weight from Day 1 :D

The gym

I managed to lift everything as planned with no real struggle. Deadlift warmup was pretty exhausting, though.

StrongLifts 5x5

Squatting in Reebok Nano8 was considerably better than in FiveFingers.


Regular meals and I added 10 grams of BCAA 15 minutes before training and another 10 grams right after training.


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