Getting In Shape Diary: Day 2

Day 2 is here. Nothing much changed, so I’ll be pretty quick today.


Today, I will have 3.724 kcals because it’s salmon day! Even though I “gained” few grams (as seen below), it doesn’t mean I will change the calorie intake.

Here’s the whole diet for both alternating days:

Protein intake

128 grams of protein for today.

Intermittent fasting

First meal of the day at 11:00. Second meal at 13:00. Bulletproof coffee at 13:30. Third meal at 17.30.


My current weight:

Day 2 morning weight

The gym

No gym today.

First meal

At 11:00, I break the fast with five forks of sauerkraut. Next I had my eggs with spinach and garlic.

Second meal

At 13:00, the bowl of veggies with salmon followed by Bulletproof coffee.

Third meal

At 17.30, the bowl of veggies with salmon.


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