Getting In Shape Diary: Day 16

Diet updated


I made a mistake regarding the amount of fish I eat. It turned out that it’s actually a little bit more. So the total caloric intake is around 4.200 kcals per day.

Protein intake

More fish means more protein, so it’s 198 grams after the update.

Intermittent fasting

First meal of the day at 08:00. Bulletproof coffee at 09:00. Second meal at 11:30. Third meal at 16:30.

Yeah, I’m shuffling quite a bit here, but I still try to get at least 13-14 hours of fasting.

Morning weight

My current weight:

Day 16 morning weight

The gym

No gym today.

Meals & Supplements

Regular meals, no BCAA, 5 grams of creatine monohydrate with the last meal.


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