Getting In Shape Diary: Day 10

Training day, adding beans!


I added beans to my diet. I know, it will probably destroy my keto, but I need more energy as weights are getting heavier. This change translates to 4.100 kcals and 85 grams of carbs. No keto, but I suffered from some nasty cramps lately, so maybe it’s for the best.

Protein intake

Around 177 grams of protein thanks to beans.

Intermittent fasting

First meal of the day at 07:00. Bulletproof coffee at 11:00. Second meal at 11:30. (I’m very hungry today). Third meal at 17:30.


My current weight:

Day 10 morning weight

The gym

Workout was fine, I struggled only with the first set of shoulder press, the rest was OK. Deadlift is getting pretty heavy for me, though.

StrongLifts 5x5

Meals & Supplements

Regular meals, BCAA before and after workout, 5 grams of creatine monohydrate with post-workout BCAA.


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