Getting In Shape Diary: Day 1

Welcome to the Getting In Shape Diary series where I will document my progress toward the healthier me :)

I have decided to get in shape in my near forties (it’s actually 37 in 2018), but I’m not afraid of getting older :)

I’ve been on and off the gym for several decades but never had any relevant results. But I have decided to change that. The purpose of this diary is to hold me accountable and to keep me motivated.

So today’s the day number one.

I’ve read a lot of books lately and I am currently trying keto diet with intermittent fasting for few weeks.

To make some meaningful changes in my body composition, I have taken a look at nutrition to check if it would work for gaining goals and also I have started today new training program called StrongFit because of its simplicity and time efficiency.


So how much will I eat? Well, on a weekly average, I’ll have some 3.700 kcal per day. I will alternate two daily diets, one has 3.630 kcals per day and the second one has 3.724 kcals per day.

The only difference is fish, one day, it will be salmon, which has a smaller amount of protein, but a lot of fats, the other day, it will be pollock, which has a higher amount of protein, but almost no fat.

Here’s the whole diet for both alternating days:

Based on some suggestions on the Internet, I should just take my weight in pounds and multiply it by 15 to get a maintenance amount of calories, which in my case (96 kg) is around 3.174 kcals per day. Next, I should add some 500 kcal as surplus to gain muscles which results in 3.674 kcals.

Protein intake

Regarding this topic, I want to try the approach promoted by Thomas DeLauer and others which states that in general, we don’t need as much protein as supplements producer wants us to believe.

Thomas says that: “The protein requirements for strength athletes is 1.3 grams per kg of weight per day (0.6 g/lb) and for endurance athletes 1.1 grams per kg of body weight per day (0.5 g/lb).” (https://www.thomasdelauer.com/how-much-protein-is-too-much-all-about-nitrogen-balance/)

I will take just a little bit more, 1,5g per kg of lean bodyweight (considering I’m currently somewhere between 15-20% of body fat I guess). This results in 122 grams of protein per lean body mass. This nowhere near the popular formula of 2,2 grams of protein per body weight.

Intermittent fasting

I eat my first meal of the day at 11:00. Next one comes two hours later at 13:00. The last one comes at 17:00. I usually finish the meal in 30 minutes, so with some buffer, I can say, that the last bite of the last meal is before 18:00, thus I fast for 17 hours.


So in the morning, I checked my weight:

Day 1 morning weight

It’s time for my special water, courtesy of Thomas DeLauer and Aubrey Marcus.

I filter tap water with MATRA filter from BRITA. Recently I bought 2-liter bottles, so I use these because it’s more convenient.

Daily fuel

I fill each bottle with 2 tablespoons of squeezed lemon juice, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and 1 tablespoon of pink Himalayan salt.

Before hitting the gym, I have one small ristretto with cinnamon:

Ristretto with cinnamon

The gym

My first day with a new routine! It’s called StrongLifts 5x5, it has an amazing app for iPhone and it took me only 30 minutes including warmup sets to finish the whole workout. Huge time saver!

So how I did do the first day?

StrongLifts 5x5

The workout was very easy, but that’s about to change with increasing weight :)

First meal

At 11:00, I break the fast with five forks of sauerkraut. Next, I had my eggs with spinach.

Second meal

At 13:00, the bowl of veggies with pollock followed by Bulletproof coffee.

Third meal

At 17.30, the bowl of veggies with pollock.


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