Energy drink? No, thanks.

It seems that as we introduced screens to our evening rituals, the energy drinks increased in popularity. Usually, energy drinks claim to be healthy, but since they contain loads of impossible-to-pronounce chemicals and artificial sweeteners I strongly doubt it.

The question is why we seek exogenous sources of energy anyway? As The Weekly Challenger puts it, there’s the root cause of one’s fatigue which should be addressed instead of masking it with a can of sugary water (

Some people say, that energy drinks are safe because they don’t contain sugar, but I believe that artificial sweeteners like sucralose are even worse (

Others argue, that there are no studies proving that sucralose has any toxic effects. It’s important to know who paid for such studies as they are usually supported by the industry. For example, the scientific study that concluded that “sucralose does not demonstrate carcinogenic activity even when exposure levels are several orders of magnitude greater than the range of anticipated daily ingestion levels” was lead by the director of global medical and safety science for Heartland Products Group, which owns Splenda.

When it comes to my health, unlike FDA, I prefer the GRAU (generally recognized as unsafe) approach. I don’t need to make compromises when it comes to eating or drinking chemicals, as my Monster-drinking friend (who is a fitness instructor) suggested. She is right that I can’t even breathe clean air these days or drink clean water, but when I can avoid something I do because I can’t agree with her mindset that if you can’t achieve absolute perfection in everything, you can compromise on anything.

We live in a strange society. Instead of trying to solve the problem by sorting out its cause, we tend to cure the effects. As Dr. Peter Attia puts it, it’s like trying to solve the shin bruises by applying ointments instead of telling people to be careful around chairs and tables.

If you’re tired, make sure to sleep well and don’t try to solve your problem by addressing the effect instead of the cause which is probably lack of proper restorative sleep. Try to have at least two hours of deep sleep and two hours of REM sleep each night by going to bed earlier so your midnight is actually in the middle of the night. Take a teaspoon of salt instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners and you should feel much better.

You can also try my Morning Magic Potion which I learned about from Aubrey Marcus ( It’s very easy to prepare since there are just four ingredients:

  • 750 ml of filtered tap water,
  • one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar,
  • one tablespoon of pink Himalayan salt,
  • one tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice.

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Jan Zavrel

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